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4 Personalities and Your Copy [Lost Masterclass Audio #2]

October 6, 2019

And check out this Lost Masterclass audio clip for a clear description of how to use those personalities in your copy once you understand them:

I have a question for you, who does your copy speak to…?

Is it fluff-free and straight to the point like a Lion, or more detail-oriented like a Beaver?

Is it a rollercoaster of emotion like a Golden Retriever, or does it stay high in the happy clouds like an Otter?

Now, here's two more big questions: Do you actually know how to sell to each one of these personality types? Do you know who your people are?

Take the handy-dandy DNC Marketing Personality Quiz:

  1. Once for yourself
  2. Once as your customer

Find out if you have a communication gap, and how to fix it. Does your answer reflect your personality type, did it reflect your customers?

Report back during the next Friday Q&A. What were your findings?


This is all starting to make sense, but now that you know who you're speaking to, how do you set up a funnel that makes ACTUAL Money! We've got your back. The lost Masterclass audio clip in one of the next few blog posts covers emails AND funnels (Special Bonus Clip). Stay tuned. 


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