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My Story

I don't want this to turn into an autobiography, so here is a quick run down of who I am today. What made me the person I am and what my goal is as far as us working together goes.

My mother and father met in a tortilla factory in Texas. My father was, shall we say, "citizenship challenged" at the time. Crossing over from Mexico in search of a better life and money to send back to his family.

My mother, originally form Puerto Rico, had recently flown into this small town in Central Texas and needed to find work right away.

I'm fuzzy on the details, but my imagination has never let me down (for better or for worse). I imagine that as they were pressing tortillas their hands happened to touch the same rolled dough and from there it was months filled with passionate love. Flour covering every surface of the house. 

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Then came me There is a ton that goes into the story and I'm happy to share it, but suffice it to say I ended up being given away around 3 months into my life. I was born a chronic asthmatic. My lungs have collapsed, my other childhood friends in the hospital died and yet for some reason I was spared. Fast forward through years of physical, emotional and mental abuse (a story for another time) I eventually met my wife, Darian, at 14.

I was the stereotypical "bad boy" sagging pants, white beaters, timberland boots, rapping and throwing up gang signs. She on the other hand was a military brat. A band nerd that thankfully found the "Cholo" time of my life adorable as opposed to frightening. 

Over the course of a few years she and her family had an amazing impact on my life. Turning me from a little wannabe gangbanger into someone that wanted more out of his life. 

I opened my first restaurant at the age of 17 (thanks to a small business loan my adoptive family took out). El Hit De Oro "The Golden Hit" was a success from the get go, but as anyone who has ever operated a restaurant knows it was so much more work then we were prepared for. After 2 years we shut it down.

My wife joined the USAF right out of high school. We got married once boot camp finished and moved from California to Hawaii and Texas. In that time I went to college and also received my personal training certification. I once again decided to go down the entrepreneurial journey. After a few years of success I went into Corporate America. Taking my sales experience and building my career as a lowly sales rep to a Corporate Sales Manager. I trained well over 100 people to go from complete novices to sales experts. I still have people that text me telling me that they are breaking previous records even after all these years.

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Now comes the transition. As much as I loved traveling across the country training sales teams I was missing an incredibly important part of my family.

It wasn't just traveling. It was 16hr days, 5-6 days a week. It was traveling across the nation for corporate events as well as sales trainings. It was working 90+days in a row with no support and myself being the only person available to work the front of a certain store. It was texts and phone calls all day every day. It was waking up and sneaking a kiss to my son and wife so I wouldn't wake them at 6 am just to come home and sneak a kiss to them both so I wouldn't wake them at 10 pm.

Something had to give. My son was growing up without me (I missed all his birthdays until he was 5). My wife was trying desperately to connect with me until we were having discussions on a weekly basis about getting divorced. 

There was a deadline.

My family was moving to Hawaii due to her orders and I was either going to have to quit and move with them or keep my 6 figure job and become a single man again. I quit just in time to move to Hawaii and it was by far the BEST decision I've ever made. 

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Now I have the best of both worlds. I am blessed to be able to spend time with my family as well as live out my entrepreneurial dreams. My goal when starting Sales Conquest wasn't to just sell course and coaching programs. My goal is help you. To help you have the courage to quit your job. To help you spend more time with your family and friends.

To have you be able to sell confidently AND consistently. It's more than just a paycheck to me. I've seen poverty and gangs but I've also seen ambition, drive, dedication, and perseverance. Do I want to help you make more money consistently, sure. But my mission is to change your life, and we can do that together one call at a time.


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