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Listen as I pull out the very best information from sales experts, entrepreneurs, copywriters, and talented upstarts. They'll teach you how they found success and the specific steps you can use to create a business and life that you both love AND feel confident in!

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Founder: 6onethree Marketing Agency Alec is a digital marketing leader and educator with experience both as an entrepreneur as well as a multinational marketing team leader. He currently operates a digital marketing agency based in Colorado working with software startups and established brands alike providing end-to-end multi-channel marketing strategies for clients.

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Darian Chavez

Founder: Copy Identity Darian has been working with E-comm brands for the last 5 years. Specializing in copywriting and content Marketing She has a unique perspective on how to turn likes and email sign ups into BIG purchases. Her latest program E-comm Traffic Generator teaches E-comm brands how to get traffic to their site, convert that traffic into significantly more revenue.

Brittany Drozd

Business Coach Brittany Drozd helps entrepreneurs make more money, become strong leaders, and find fulfillment in the process. She believes that what got you this level won't get you to your next level of success. Brittany is obsessed with mastering human motivation and perfecting business management. Away from the office, Brittany is a mom to two little girls and loves to kitesurf!

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