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The Great Content Creation Debate. Who won? [Lost Masterclass Audio #4]

October 6, 2019

Take a listen and see if you can discern the Lion from the Golden Retriever:

Lacking engagement no matter what you put on social or send out to your list? Could be you're missing the mark with content.

At DNC, we’ve modified a proven personality system used in health care, management, and college education to work in sales and marketing. And it’s Blowing. People. Away. 

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It shows you what your selling personality style is, and compares it to what your customer’s buying style is. Essentially answering all brand voice questions WHILE selling to different types of customers. (hey, aren’t those the things you were struggling with too?)

In this Lost Masterclass audio clip, Julio and I go toe-to-toe on the best way to create content. When we listened back it was 100% clear who was the Golden Retriever and who was the Lion - once again proving our method to be accurate. 


Report back during the Friday Q&A. Who do you think won the debate?


Oh yeah, the punch line from last blog post's joke. The Lion demanded a Whiskey, the Otter sang through her Cosmo, the Beaver sipped the happy-hour special, and the Golden Retriever drank her Designated Driver glass of water. (If you listen to the audio, suddenly it all makes sense ;) ). Join the DNC Marketing Course, learn what your customer drinks and how that makes you money. Cheers!